Visit to Korea Water Cluster

Nov 10, 2023 | Agenda

Representatives of the Envirocenter visited the Korea Water Cluster. This organisation is created and funded by the government of South Korea. Its mission is to promote research activities, education and development of domestic and foreign business activities related to water, especially water treatment and distribution.

The Korea Water Cluster has a Water Campus in the greater Daegu area, which includes the organisation’s headquarters, a laboratory, classrooms, a library, an exposition, a water park, accommodation facilities, and the headquarters of more than 50 cluster partner companies. The entire complex uses water collection, purification and distribution technologies that correspond to the latest research carried out in the cluster’s laboratory.

During the meeting, the Envirocentre representatives were presented with the whole concept of the cluster’s operation, cooperation with academia, fulfillment of the government’s water programme and the introduction of innovations through private sector partners. The meeting included a tour of the cluster premises and possible future cooperation. It can be concluded that the Korea Water Cluster is a working example of a cluster that the Envirocenter would like to become in the future. At the end of the joint meeting, the representatives of Korea Water Cluster expressed their interest to visit Slovakia and discuss further possible cooperation.

More about Korea Water Cluster can be found at

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