Privacy policy


If you are a visitor to our website, you are entrusting us with your personal data. We are responsible for their protection and security. Please familiarise yourself with the privacy policy, principles and rights you have in relation to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Personal Data Administrator:

Envirocentrum Banská Štiavnica, Pletiarska 783/2, 969 01 Banská Štiavnica

Contact data

If you wish to contact us in the course of processing your personal data, you can contact us by e-mail info(at)envirocentrum(.)sk.


The controller shall take technical and organisational security measures to protect the data it holds against manipulation, loss, destruction and interference by unauthorised persons.

Right for information

Upon request, the controller shall, as far as possible, notify you promptly and in writing whether and what personal data it has recorded about you. If, despite the controller’s efforts to ensure that the data is correct and up-to-date, incorrect information has been recorded, the controller will correct it on request.

If you have questions about the processing of your personal data, you can contact info(at)envirocentrum(.)sk, where the controller is at your disposal not only in case of requests for information, but also in case of suggestions or complaints.

We declare that, as the controller of your personal data, we comply with all legal obligations required by applicable legislation, in particular the Personal Data Protection Act and the GDPR, i.e.: we will only process your personal data on the basis of a valid legal ground, in particular a legitimate interest, the performance of a contract, a legal obligation or the consent granted; we will comply with our information obligation as a controller under Article 13 of the GDPR prior to the commencement of the processing of your personal data; and we will enable and support you in the exercise and fulfilment of your rights pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act and the GDPR.

Collection and processing of personal data

If you visit our website, our web servers will record in a standard way the IP address assigned to you by your internet service provider, the website from which you visit me, the websites you visit with me, the date and length of your visit. Personal data will only be recorded if you provide it to me of your own free will, for example, as part of a contact form submission, surveys, prize writing or to fulfil a contract.

Use and Forwarding of Personal Data

By entering your personal data on one of our sites, you agree to receive commercial information. The controller uses your personal data for the purposes of technical administration of the website, customer administration, for product surveys and for marketing purposes only to the extent necessary for this purpose.

The transfer of personal data to state institutions and authorities shall only follow within the framework of binding legal provisions. Collaborators of the administrator, agencies and dealers are bound by confidentiality on our part.

Possibility to unsubscribe

We only work with data and contacts who have given us consent. We want to use your data to inform you about our products and services or to get your opinion about them. Participation in such events is, of course, voluntary.

Should you disagree with them, you can notify us at any time so that we can block the data accordingly.


The controller uses cookies to track visitor preferences and to optimally design the website accordingly. Cookies are small “files” that are stored on your hard drive. This leads to easier navigation and ensures a high level of user experience on the website. Cookies can be used to determine whether you have already visited my site from your computer.

Only the cookie on your computer is identified. You can deactivate the use of cookies in your internet browser.

Personal data scope and purposes of processing

We process personal data that you entrust to us for the following reasons:

  • provision of services, contract fulfilment

your personal data in the scope of: e-mail, name, surname, phone, address we necessarily need to fulfill the contract

  • bookkeeping

If you are a customer, we necessarily need your personal data to issue and record tax documents

  • marketing – for example sending newsletters

We use your personal data (email and name), gender, what you click on in the email and when you open it most often for the purpose of direct marketing – sending you commercial messages. If you are a customer of mine, we do so out of legitimate interest, as we reasonably assume that you are interested in our newsletters, for a period of 5 years from your last order. If you are not our customer, we only send you newsletters on the basis of your consent, for a period of 5 years from the date of consent. In both cases, you can withdraw this consent by using the unsubscribe link in any email sent to you.

  • advanced consent-based marketing

Only with your consent, we may also send you inspiring offers from third parties or use your email address for e.g. remarketing and ad targeting on Facebook, for a period of 5 years after you have given your consent. This consent can of course be revoked at any time via our contact details.

  • photo documentation – live events

We retain your personal data for the duration of limitation periods, unless the law provides for a longer retention period or we have indicated otherwise in specific cases.

Forwarding of personal data to third parties

Your personal data can be accessed by our employees. For specific processing operations that we are unable to provide ourselves, we use the services and applications of processors who are better able to protect the data than we are and who specialise in the processing in question.

They are providers of the following platforms: Websupport, WordPress, Facebook, Google. It is possible that in the future we may decide to use other applications or processors to facilitate and improve the quality of processing.

We promise you that in such a case, we will place at least the same demands on the security and quality of the processing as we do on ourselves when selecting a processor.

Data transfer outside the European Union

All personal data processing operations will be carried out in the EU.

Your rights in relation to the personal data privacy

You have many rights in relation to data protection. If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact us by email: info(at)envirocentrum(.)sk. You have the right to information, which is already fulfilled by this personal data processing policy page. Thanks to the right of access, you can ask us at any time and we will document within 30 days what personal data we are processing and why. If something changes with you or you find that your personal data is outdated or incomplete, you have the right to have your personal data completed and amended.

Right to restriction of processing

If you would like to take your personal data and transfer it to someone else, we will follow the same procedure as for exercising your right of access – except that we will supply the information to you in machine-readable form. We need at least 30 days to do this.

Right to erasure (to be forgotten)

Your other right is the right to erasure (to be forgotten). We don’t want to forget you, but if you wish, you have the right to do so. In this case, we will delete all your personal data that we hold on/off our system and the system of all subcontractors and backups. We will need 30 days to secure the right to erasure. In some cases, we are bound by a legal obligation and, for example, must keep records of tax documents issued for the statutory period. In this case, we will erase all such personal data that is not bound by another law. We will inform you by email when the deletion has been completed.

Complaint at the Data Protection Authority

If you feel that we are not treating your data in accordance with the law, you have the right to contact the Data Protection Authority at any time with your complaint. We would be very pleased if you would inform us of this suspicion first so that we can do something about it and correct any errors.


Please be assured that our associates who will process your personal data are obliged to maintain confidentiality of personal data and security measures, the disclosure of which would jeopardize the security of your personal data. This confidentiality shall continue even after the termination of the contractual relationship with them. Your personal data will not be released to any other third party without your consent.

Unsubscribe from newsletters and commercial communications

Emails with inspiration, articles or products and services are sent to you as long as you are a customer of ours based on our legitimate interest. If you are not yet our customer, we only send them to you on the basis of your consent.

In both cases, you can stop receiving our emails by pressing the unsubscribe link in each email sent.