Banská Štiavnica

Creating a cluster


In October 2021 the interest association of legal entities Envirocentrum Banská Štiavnica was established. The founding members of the association are ESPRIT spol. s r.o. Banská Štiavnica and the municipality of Banská Štiavnica.

The aim of the Association is to contribute to increasing climate and environmental literacy of individuals through popularization and communication of the latest scientific knowledge on climate change, innovative approaches and best practices for adaptation of the country to climate change and mitigation of its consequences.

Climate change is unfortunately already an irreversible condition. The issue of adapting the landscape and the environment to this change will continue to be an ongoing issue in the future. In view of these developments, it is necessary to concentrate all the forces and energy, but especially the scientific knowledge and experience, into one synergistic expert platform.

It is currently very important not only to communicate about this change and to prepare society for the development of this change, but also to draw up clear proposals for strategies, concepts and plans for adaptation and environmental preparedness for the consequences of climate change.

Our main ambition is to create a broader platform of an Environmental Cluster that connects actors from the academic, scientific and educational spheres with professional practice, interest groups and committed individuals.

We have built this ambition on three foundations – connecting, communication and education.


We connect institutions that primarily work on environmental issues, academics and universities, practitioners, businesses, non-profit organisations, environmental education associations and individuals. Any entity that is not indifferent to the current state and future development of the environment with regard to climate change and its consequences, as well as to the current level of education and awareness of this important topic for all of us, has the opportunity to join the cluster project.


Within the cluster, a form of communication and visibility of the activities of the professional community is ensured using all available digital, print and communication channels. In addition to the digital platform and social media, there will be organised seminars, discussions and panels, roundtables and interviews. Scientific conferences and symposia on currently resonating topics will become the highest level of professional meetings.


Promoting education and raising the level of climate and environmental literacy is important at every age of the individual. It is essential to start with education at the lowest levels of education and to support this process continuously up to higher education.
One of the results of the joint synergy of the cluster is the focus of outputs into education for all levels of schooling. Well-developed learning materials, an e-learning platform with quality content, lecturing by practitioners is a solid basis for building a scalable and, with regard to the target group, variable platform aimed at all target groups to be educated.

Cluster members